When Micro-Mechanics (Holdings) Ltd. (SGX: 5DD) published its latest earnings update (September 30, 2018), which I compared to two factors: its historical results and the performance of its industry peers on average. To be able to interpret the progress of micromechanics (Holdings) so far, you must evaluate its performance against a benchmark, rather than looking at a standalone number at a given time. In this article, I summarized the key points of the 5DD performance. See our latest analysis for micromechanics (Holdings)

Did 5DD's revenues improve compared to past performance and the sector?

The profits of the 5DD over the last twelve months (as of September 30, 2018) of S $ 16 million decreased by -0.4% compared to the previous year. In addition, this growth rate on a year is lower than the average earnings growth rate of the last five years. 18%, indicating that the growth rate of 5DD has slowed. What could happen here? Now let's see what happens with the margins and if the whole sector feels the heat.

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In terms of investment returns, Micro-Mechanics (Holdings) invested well in its equity funds, generating a return on equity (ROE) of 26%, above the reasonable minimum of 20%. In addition, its return on assets (ROA) of 21% is higher than that of SG Semiconductor by 17%, indicating that Micro-Mechanics (Holdings) has used its assets more efficiently. Finally, its return on capital (ROC), which also represents the level of debt of Micro-Mechanics (Holdings), has increased over the last 3 years, from 29% to 30%.

What does it mean?

Past data is useful, but it does not tell the whole story. Profitable but unpredictable businesses can have many factors that affect their business. You must continue to research micromechanics (Holdings) to obtain a better picture of the title by consulting:

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