National Pizza Week, which runs from January 13 to 19 this year, is part of a vacation that has been invented without historical context, but who cares nothing about it? This is an excuse to eat cheap pizza in the Rhode Island, where several pizzerias offer special offers.The – OK, let's talk about it, fake holidays are always observed the week beginning with the second. Sunday of January. Do not confuse this with the National Pizza Day, another holiday for the express purpose of selling pies. It's February 9th. National Pizza Month is celebrated in October.TELL US: Where's the best pizza in Rhode Island? Let us know in the comments and on Facebook where to find the best pies.We would not be surprised if a year in the future would be declared the Year of Pizza. Because the pizza is good. Here are some of the best pizzerias in Rhode Island: The BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse offers half of the deep and trimmed pizzas and $ 5 Jimador margaritas on Monday, January 14th. Blaze Pizza offers a special for two 11-inch pepperoni pizzas at a price of $ 10 throughout the month of January.Domino offers customers to choose two or more items at $ 5.99, including medium pizzas, two brownies, chicken, sandwiches, cheesebread Dinner and chicken pasta in eight pieces.Papa John's offers two medium-sized pizzas at a flat for $ 6 each on online orders, or 25% off on pizzas at regular price. Until January 27, customers can get free 10-inch cheese sticks at $ 12 purchase if they use the store's application. Papa John's is a national chain. Pizza Hut offers savings on at least two of the following for $ 5 each: medium-sized pizzas, boneless wings, Cinnabon mini-rolls and other items. Pizza Hut is a national chain.Walmart offers its customers offers when they use Grocery Pickup to order the Big Game Party Combo for less than $ 11, which includes a DiGiorno pizza, a 2-liter bottle of cola and Nestle Toll House cookies.Pizza is not the only market in town.Amazon offers clothes to the pizza Pizza is always the answer t-shirt and pizza pajamas. Amazon offers free shipping, even for non-Premium members, until January 31, leaving you plenty of time to order pizzas, pizza stones, pizza cutters and everything else you need for a pizza.Etsy evening, the online market of vintage items, pizza-themed jewelry and traditional stores like Kohl's, Macy's, Target, World Market and D & D Others also offer great deals. In addition, new business is added in the lead up to National Pizza Week, so be sure to go to for the latest National Pizza Week Deals.Photo via Shutterstock