Cabinet ministers today hijacked the weekly Cabinet meeting with the warning that they would not tolerate a Brexit without bargaining. The secretary of works and pensions, Amber Rudd, said that history would take a "dark prospect" if Britain was allowed to leave the US Secretary of State for the Environment, Michael Gove, jokingly explained that conservative MPs opposed to the withdrawal agreement were "like swingers in mid-fifties". wait for the arrival of Scarlett Johansson ". After the Cabinet, the Secretary of State for Economic Affairs, Greg Clark, told the House of Commons that a "Brexit without agreement" should "not be considered."

Theresa May has received warnings about a Brexit without approval from members of her cabinet (PA). More

The interventions came as Parliament acted to block any prospect of a Brexit without agreement, which experts say would hurt jobs and security. In a historic development, a dozen Conservative MPs have challenged the three-line whip to support an amendment banning the Treasury's finance bill to make tax changes to support preparations for the future. 39, a "non-agreement". The magnitude of the Conservatives' revolt was long overdue evidence that Parliament has the numbers needed to take control of Brexit if necessary.

Sajid Javid warned that a messy Brexit would leave Britain unable to return bogus asylum seekers to France (Stefan Rousseau / PA). More

The dramatic developments fueled the idea of ​​delaying Brexit beyond March 29 to allow MPs to discuss what they would do if Ms. May's unpopular withdrawal plan was rejected. Ms. Rudd told Cabinet: "History will have unsupported support, we must face the world in which we find it, not as we wish, and we must deal with the facts as we discover them." Mr. Javid said that a no-deal would mean that Britain would step out of the Dublin agreement that allows countries to dismiss asylum seekers whose claims are without foundation. Ms Rudd replied that Britain would be less safe in such circumstances. Ms. Rudd, Secretary of Labor and Pensions, asked that Parliament be allowed to debate and vote on other options, saying: "More than ever, we must find the center, reach across the House and find a majority for what will be agreed. "Mr. Gove's joke about the Brexiteers rebels was considered an important support for Ms. Rudd who responded," On the theme of everyday sexism, Pierce Brosnan also. "L & # 39; Ireland had previously opened the door to postpone the Brexit beyond March 29. The story continues

Irish Deputy Prime Minister Simon Coveney said Dublin would not "stand in the way" if Britain asked for a deadline to avoid an exit without EU agreement.

Simon Coveney said that Dublin would not be more

His intervention took place after Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay denied on three occasions during a radio interview that the British authorities had already held discussions with their counterparts in Brussels on the possibility of extending the Article 50 process. Theresa May has repeatedly denied that she would delay Brexit. In a historic development this morning, the Prime Minister has effectively been deprived of her ability to pass the threat of an exit without agreement as part of her campaign to gain support for her withdrawal agreement.

Police have been ordered to "aggressively" treat right-wing assailants

That's what happened when a dozen Conservative MPs challenged a three-line whip to support an amendment to the finance bill prohibiting the Treasury from making any changes. for the preparation of the non-agreement. The magnitude of the revolt was the proof long awaited by Parliament. has the numbers to take control of Brexit. This would make the idea of ​​a delay much more likely, which would give MEPs, for example, time to explore other options, such as an agreement with Norway or a second referendum. , Today, Mr. Barclay, has some very practical questions, "such as the follow-up to this summer's European elections. He said he had no discussions with the EU "in terms of extension" and pointed out that the government's policy was for the UK to leave the UK on 29 March. However, Digital Minister Margot James yesterday suggested that Brexit could be postponed Mr. Barclay said: "This is not a unilateral decision for the UK. This is not a decision that the British government could take, it would require the consent of the 27 Member States. A spokeswoman for Downing Street said, "As the Prime Minister herself said this weekend, we are not going to extend clause 50." Mr. Coveney appeared in the Daily Telegraph, he is It's impossible to deny that British officials are "stirring up feelers" and "testing things" about a delay. He welcomed this idea, saying that Ireland wanted to avoid a Brexit scenario without agreement in which "everyone was losing". S addressing reporters in Dublin, he said: "If, at any given time, the British government requests an extension of Article 50 … this is not something we would be obstructing. "All efforts must now be focused on the agreement and shedding light on the details of this agreement." He warned London that the time had come for a "wishful thinking." Is over if it wants to avoid s & rsquo; The conservative rebellion of today, alongside nine ex-ministers, issued a powerful warning to Downing Street.The 12 conservative rebels were led by Nicky Morgan, former Secretary of Education of the Conservative, who chairs the Public Council.Committee of Accounts, as well as former ministers Sir Oliver Letwin, Nick Boles, Dominic Grieve, Sir Nicholas Soames, Guto Bebb, Phillip Lee, Ed Vaizey and Jonathan Djanogly, the former advisor Ms. May's litique, George Freeman, Health Committee Chair Sarah Wollaston, and Senior Member of Parliament Heidi Allen complete the group. Morgan told the Evening Standard that the numbers had changed the situation: "Parliament has been denied for too long to give its opinion on the way forward," she said. "It is now time for Parliament to declare itself and make it clear that the members of the House of Commons will put an end to the absence of any agreement." Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has publicly confirmed that Ms May would get "assurances" that the EU would not do so. "Want" to attach the United Kingdom in a controversial support permanently. But his bid was quickly rejected by former Brexit Secretary David Davis for failing to make a legally binding commitment.In addition, additional police officers were deployed outside Parliament after widespread anger at the violence against the remaining MP, Anna Soubry. . Several police vans parked in front of College Green, two policemen stationed at each end. The intervention of Mr Varadkar, reported in the Irish Times, gave rise to hope in No 10 that the Irish leader was willing to reassure conservative deputies, fearing that the agreement of Blocking the border forces Britain to indefinitely obey EU rules and keep Northern Ireland aligned. the rules of the European single market in order to avoid a hard border in Ireland if no other solution was found before the end of the transition period in December 2020. "We do not want to trap the United Kingdom in whatever we want, we want to move on to talking about future relationships right away, "Varadkar said during a trip to Mali in Africa. "I think that's what kind of assurances we're happy to give." His words suggest that Ireland was ready to support an exchange of letters confirming that the EU had no intention of making the reserve a permanent solution. But they do not respond to Ms. May's effective deadline of 2021 to set up a new trade agreement. Brexiteer, Mr. Davis immediately rejected it, urging Mr. May to "hold on". Today, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, speaking in Dublin, said: "Avoiding a tough border is a fundamental concern." The first of two peaceful beverage parties held at No 10 last night revealed a "warm" atmosphere but no sign of a breakthrough.