So, new year, new you … new job? Even if you have not launched 2019 with a New Year's Resolution to revive your career and make more money, these goals are worth pursuing right now. The unemployment rate is at its lowest and wages are rising. Historical trends show that people who change jobs voluntarily tend to see the highest wage increases: it is often a more effective way to earn more than others. ask for an increase to your boss.MONEY asked career and HR experts what was the best way to get a new job or start a career, as well as the best resources to move up the ladder – or a few – from the top echelons of the company. Here are some of the most recommended books if you focus on how to make more money in 2019.

"I often recommend an annual professional review to people who want to advance their careers," said Mel Hennigan, vice president of people at Symplicity Corporation Technology Corporation. "Sitting once a year to review the year before and setting goals for the next year can be a powerful springboard for the motivated professional." This act of reflection will help you better define not only what you have accomplished in the past, where you see yourself going in the future, she says, and The four pillars of employable talent will help you get there. "Miles does a great job of helping employees see themselves the same as hiring and promotion managers, which can often be the missing key when someone wants to change jobs," said Hennigan. .

"For those who are ready to start looking for something new, this book provides the structure for organizing and executing a research plan and techniques for carrying out network work," said Dave Deiters, Executive Director. of the Jones MBA Career Center at Georgia Tech College Georgia Business.yes, The job search of 2 hours promises a more effective job search. But Deiters says the book's ideas are both strategic and practical. "The concepts and thinking that underlie this process are practical and relevant to the current job search," he says.

"I find it's a good time of year to think about yourself in order to validate or reorganize one's priorities and goals," said Megan Murdock, member of the Mentorship Program Board of Directors. and networking CBIZ Women's Advantage. not knowing where to start looking for a new job, says Murdock Atomic habits is a valuable resource to point you in the right direction to progress your career path. "The most important thing is to adopt a property attitude towards your goals and activities that will help you achieve your goals," she says.

Fortune favors the audacious, as they say. "You should try to find ways to challenge yourself. If that's scary, you should probably do it, "says Art Glover, a human resources consultant. Glover says Daniel Pink's "very thoughtful" book will help you succeed. "He bases his speeches and research on real scientific research, but it's also fun to read," says Glover.When thoroughly explores the fact that everything is in time – and that being aware of it can help you be more productive, take on a new challenge, or even launch a new phase of your career. "This book really helps you meet those challenges," says Glover.

"January is one of the hottest months in hiring. If you're looking for a new position, this is the perfect time to apply, "said Blair Decembrele, career expert at LinkedIn. Of course, Decembrele urges you to update your LinkedIn profile (and get on the platform if you do not use it already!), she also says Imagine it forward can be a catalyst for embarking on a new path. "Whatever your goal, there is a company looking for someone like you," she says. And as the beginning of the new year is the perfect time to reaffirm its commitment to networking, the lessons you can learn from Imagine it forward will put you in an excellent position to jump into something new. "Connect with your professional community to discover new opportunities and advice," says Decembrele.