WASHINGTON (AP) – President Donald Trump discussed all sorts of things last week while he was coming out of a "lonely" spell during the holidays. For more than 90 minutes, he spoke in front of the press, at the summit of a Cabinet meeting, on closing, immigration, drug prices, Soviet history in Afghanistan, its approval rates, Syria, oil prices, the nature of the walls, the attractiveness of its generals ("more beautiful than Tom Cruise"), and so much more. He closed the week with a press conference at the Rose Garden which lasted an hour. And he tweeted a lot. Trump's accounts do not show great fidelity to the facts. Here is a sample of what he said: THE WALLTRUMP: "We have already built a lot of the wall." – Rose Garden press conference on Friday. FACTS: He did not do it. Trump's claim is only justified if one counts the work done under the former president and ignoring the fact that the fences of the previous administrations are not the imposing walls that he had promised. The Secure Fence Act of 2006 created approximately 1,050 kilometers (650 miles) of a border fence. The money approved by Congress in March 2018 is intended to pay 135 km, but this work is not over. Trump has completed the renovation of the existing barrier. TRUMP: "Drugs are coming in en masse in this country, they do not pass through the ports of entry, and when they do, they are sometimes caught. " – Press conference at the rose garden. THE FACTS: It is wrong to say that drug traffickers rarely use official border crossings for their traffic. According to the US Drug Enforcement Administration, land entry points are the main means of bringing drugs into the country and not borderless borderless areas. The agency said in a report released in November that the most common trafficking technique used by transnational criminal organizations is to hide. drugs in passenger cars or semi-trailers entering the United States via ports of entry where they are stopped and inspected. They also use buses, freight trains and tunnels, according to the report, citing smuggling methods that would not be smothered by a border wall. TRUMP: "The new trade agreement we have with Mexico and Canada – what we save in this regard, with just Mexico will pay the wall many times, in the space of one year, two or three years.I therefore consider that it is absolutely Mexico which pay for the wall. "- Press conference at the rose garden. THE FACTS: Mexico does not pay for the wall and nothing in the trade agreement would cover or reimburse the cost of construction. Trump assumes that a wide range of economic benefits will come from agreement, but they can not be quantified or counted. For example, he said the deal would deter some US companies from relocating their operations to Mexico and attributed that possibility to a payment by Mexico for its wall. The agreement updates the North American Free Trade Agreement, primarily preserving the liberalized NAFTA environment or no tariffs between the United States, Mexico and Canada, while bringing some improvements to each country. Trump wrongly stated that it is "brand new, it's totally different". Moreover, it is not in force. The agreement has not yet been ratified in any member country and its chances of obtaining legislative approval are not assured. Tump has repeatedly stated that Mexico is paying the bill even though it is demanding $ 5.6 billion from the US Treasury for the construction of walls. His demand and the Democrats' refusal to satisfy it are at the root of the budget impasse that has closed some parts of the government. ___ SYRIATRUMP: "We had a fantastic meeting with the generals and the situation in Syria, I mean, I'm the only person in the history of our country who could really decimate the Islamic State, let's say we bring back the troops at home over a period of time.I have never said so fast, but over a period of time "- Cabinet meeting Wednesday. FACTS: He is wrong about his earlier statements regarding the pace of withdrawal. In a video posted on his Twitter account on December 19, for example, Trump said about 2,000 soldiers in Syria: "They all come back, and they're coming back now." ___ TRUMP: "I read, when we retire," Oh, Russia is delighted. "Russia is not happy .You know why she does not." It's not because they like it when we kill ISIS, because we kill them for them and we assassinate them for Assad, and we also kill ISIS for Iran. " – Cabinet meeting. The story continues

THE FACTS: Russia says that she is happy. A withdrawal from the US offers Moscow and Tehran opportunities to increase their influence and could help the Syrian government survive while a Kurdish-led opposition force loses its military ally. in the field.Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the United States "made the right choice" with the intention of withdrawing. AFGHANISTANTRUMP: "The reason Russia was in Afghanistan was because of Terrorists entered Russia and they (the Soviets) were right there. " – Cabinet meeting. FACTS: His claim that the Soviet Union was undergoing a terrorist influx from Afghanistan during its 1979 invasion is out of step with history. And his belief that the Soviets were right to invade the Soviets is a radical departure from American and world opinion. The Soviets were trying to support the communists in Afghanistan and possibly extend their influence against the United States and the West. The condemnation of World was quick: the UN General Assembly voted by 104 votes to 18 to deplore the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan. The United States supported the anti-communist rebels by giving them rockets fired at the shoulder to sink Soviet planes. The Soviets withdrew in 1989. TRUMP: "Russia was formerly the Soviet Union, Afghanistan created it because of the collapse of the fighting in Afghanistan." – Cabinet meeting. THE FACTS: Afghanistan was far from the only reason for the break-up of the Soviet Union in 1991. The dissolution took place at a time of ethnic and political unrest , economic woes and a series of revolutions that led the Soviet republics to seek their independence. The fall of the Soviet Union has been accelerated by the high cost of competition with the West to exert influence all over the world, including Afghanistan. Oil prices: do you think the price of gasoline is so low and is falling? another tax reduction! "- tweet Tuesday.TRUMP:" This is not luck. This is not luck. I called some people, and I said: "Leave this damn oil and this gasoline, you let the oil run." It reached 125 dollars. If that happened, you would have had a recession, a depression. "- Meeting of the Council of Ministers on Wednesday.Facts: Everything is not about him, or even most of the time While Americans may pay a little less for gasoline this year, Trump's suggestion that it deserves all the credit and avoids a US economic depression is an exaggeration … Oil prices, which peaked on October 3, have generally come down, knowing that US sanctions against Iran would not create scarcity and fearing that an oversupply of oil will spill over into 2019 if the slowdown in international economic growth depresses energy demand. The president's edict of "let it leak" supposedly did not prevent the economy from slowing down. OPEC and its allies led by Russia to agree last month to reduce oil production.This did not initially prevent oil prices from further falling, they have since rebounded from some Last week, the continued reduction in OPEC production would drive up prices. The speed bender emphasized his positive relations with Saudi Arabia, which remains the main exporter of oil. As an alternative producer, able to adjust production up or down fairly quickly, it can affect the price of crude oil. But the market is complex: Canada, for example, is the United States' largest source of oil imports, followed by Saudi Arabia's TARIFFSTRUMP: "The US Treasury has drawn a LOT of billions of dollars from the United States. dollars in the tariffs we ask from China and other countries that have not treated us equitably.In the meantime, we are doing well in the various ongoing trade negotiations. "- tweet Thursday. THE FACTS: Trump is absent on two major issues. First, tariffs are taxes paid largely by US businesses and consumers, not by foreign countries. And while Trump's "LOTS of billions" seem a lot, it does nothing to improve the federal record. The US government spent $ 4.1 trillion in the previous fiscal year and the budget deficit exploded, according to Trump's own Treasury Department. Customs and tariffs generated revenues of 41, $ 3 billion last year, up from $ 34.6 billion in 2017. This $ 6.7 billion increase is partly explained by the President's fees. But that was only 0.16% of federal spending .___ MATTISTRUMP, Jim Mattis: "I wish him good luck, I hope he's fine, but, as you know, the President (Barack ) Obama sent him back, and so do I. I hope so. " – Wednesday Cabinet meeting. IN FACT: Mattis resigned as Defense Secretary in protest of Trump's decision to withdraw US troops from Syria. The retired Marine General announced on December 20 in a resignation letter that he was resigning after Trump's decision to withdraw 2,000 US troops from Syria. Mattis said that he would stay at work until the end of February. Three days later, Trump announced that he was replacing Mattis by Pat Shanahan, the second defense official, on Jan. 1. As for the Obama mandate, Mattis was commander of the Central Command of the Army. He left a few months earlier than planned in 2013, partly because of disagreements over Iran. TRUMP DRUG AWARENESS: "I think you will witness a drastic reduction in the price of drugs." – Wednesday Cabinet meeting. FACTS: Prices continue to rise. The administrative policies announced last year and currently being completed do not seem to have reversed this trend. US Elsevier Health Data Society price change statistics for the United States show that between December 20 and January 2, there were 1,179 product price changes. Of these, 30 were price decreases and the remaining 1,149 were price increases, of which 328 were between 9 and 10%. All except one were at lower percentages. Elsevier spokesman, Chris Hood, said more and more companies would announce price increases this month. Separately, a data-processing company whose software can help patients find the most cost-effective drugs has indicated that prices for this drug are rising and diabetes is rising. "In the first two days of January, prices for more than 250 different products have increased," said Michael Rea, Managing Director of Rx Savings Solutions. The average increase is about 6%, he added. ___ IMMIGRATIONTRUMP, on the number of immigrants living illegally in the United States: "I still heard 11 million people. It always remained accurate at 11 o'clock. to go up or down? & # 39; No, that is 11. & # 39; Nobody knows it. It's probably 30, 35 million people. They would arrive, mainly from the southern border, they would arrive and no one would talk about it, nobody would do anything. "- Cabinet meeting Wednesday.Facts: According to its own Secretary of Homeland Security and independent estimates, it stands between 30 and 35 million euros.The independent research center Pew Research Center believes that There were 10.7 million illegal immigrants in the US in 2016, the most recent data available, and advocacy groups on both sides of the immigration issue have similar estimates. At a hearing in the House last month, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen admitted that their number was "between 11 and 22 million, which is significantly lower than the $ 35 million requested by Trump. "Pew, the number of illegal immigrants in the United States had reached 12.2 million in 2007, or about 4% of the US population, before decreasing in part because of the weakening of the 39 US economy .___ TR UMP: "Coyotes use children to earn They use these children, they are not part of the family, they use children, they take children, then they eliminate children once they have finished. for years. It's not unique for us. But we want to stop it. "- Meeting of the Council of Ministers on Wednesday FACTS: It happens, although it is not as common as Trump suggests by talking about it so often.He talks about adults who come with children that they claim to be in turn, so they are not detained under a policy prohibiting the separation of children.But these cases of fraud are rare.According to the Department of Homeland Security, about 500 immigrants do not would not have been a "legitimate family unit" and would have been separated during their detention from April 19 to September 30 of last year.This is a small fraction of the 107,000 families apprehended in the last fiscal year, closed on September 30. Associated Press writers Josh Boak, Michael Balsamo, Colleen Long, Jill Colvin, Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar, Robert Burns and Deb Riechmann in Washington, David Koenig in Dallas, Kathy Gannon in Islamabad and the newsroom AP Medical Staff, Linda A. Johnson in Trenton, NJ, contributed to this report. 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