Here is a prediction; Italy will not win a match this year Six nations.Ok, as the predictions predict, this is not particularly daring, but if you want a bet as safe as you can find it in the sport, accumulate every penny spent on the Azzurri to make three successive campaigns of Six Nations whitewashed under Conor. O. Shea.Because despite all the emotionally charged words that followed the post-game and the weird sight of their players performing a tour of honor after registering their 19th, and 19th consecutive loss of the Six NationsSaturday, Italy is in free fall. And worst of all, his group of fans knows it. Less than 38,000 people, at least half of whom are Welsh fans, were inside the magnificent Stadio Olimpicio to witness a second under normal Warren Gatland. Team cruise after Azzurri with a lot to spare. It was not a rewarding show. This should be a very worrying time for the Italian Rugby Federation, which, whether it likes it or not, will only raise more and more questions about his country. Absolute right to participate in the Six Nations unless their team is soon in competition. For the pleasure of this tournament, something must be changed. According to all the relevant evidence, the team that joined 20 years ago was not seriously opposed to the other five teams. Thirty-three defeats in 34 games against tier 1 opponents suggest that Italy no longer deserves permanent status at the first table. Georgia, or whoever wins the title of European Champion (the biggest national tournament outside the Six Nations), should at least be allowed to participate in a play-off with the one who finishes last. In the foreseeable future, with the exception of outstanding results, it will still be Italy.

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Otherwise, the tournament should be brought back to its former five-team status. At the very least, it would give some respite to the horribly inflated calendar. If Italy continues to stagnate, the Six Nations will lose their credibility while all the other teams will choose a second team to face them, in the same way. Wales resumed Saturday. Sooner than later, fans will be jostling and voting with their feet, as did Italy on Saturday. Maybe when the bottom line is threatened, the costumes will go from the front. Unquestionably, Rome is a beautiful, seductive, depressed and historic city, and its loss as a trip would be a major loss for the traveling fans. Do not pretend that Tblisi offers the same appeal. The food of Rome is magnificent, the history and majesty of the city are second to none, while testifying to the mistrust with which some Alitalia staff members treat their paying customers.

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But in terms of rugby, if Italy still counts for something, Italy lost its cause. Every English Premiership team, and most Pro14s, would have beaten the Italian national team on Saturday and it just is not so. in a competition that must tend towards continuous improvement or the risk of losing its relevance. Nobody doubts the efforts of the Italian players, the desire to be better or the willingness to learn, but the real facts are now impossible to ignore. Italy is not enough. For all of O'Shea's protests, and God knows he's doing his best, there's simply no evidence of progress. How many successive defeats will it take for someone to say "enough, that's enough," twenty? 30? Fifty? Wales, which has recorded 10 changes and four players who have never played a Six Nations game yet, barely needed to be better than the average to win 25-16.L & # The post-match atmosphere was not lightened either by the strange decision of the Italian players. take a lap of honor, or even at the sight of former Roman striker Francesco Totti performing household chores under an apron while announcing a dishwashing liquid on television in the press room, while O. Shea carried out his activities in the press. From the Italian point of view, it was rather sad. Curiously, at the same time next year, they will almost certainly lack the talisman No. 8 Sergio Parisse who has been with this team for more than 10 years but who, at age 35, is coming to an end. Her heroic and beautiful career will not end well. Edoardo Padovani's late attempt added a luster to the lineup Saturday, just as the late rally against Scotland at Murrayfield the previous week had sparked false hope. But with games against France, Ireland and England are coming, Italy has missed its two best chances to win the victory in this year's competition and a new whitewash seems inevitable now. These are the perennial whip boys of the tournament.

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For Wales, many more reasons to be merry. They were not very good on Saturday but were still too good for Italy. Their fans were not impressed but coach Warren Gatland played the long game and learned more about his team by rotating his team before the World Cup. They have won 10 games in a row and deserve to be commended for learning to win consistently, even if it was "ugly," admitted Gatland this Saturday. The United States will be much better against England as they can be and can be. Italy, on the other hand, despite some improvements of its two regions in the Pro14, only goes in one direction. It is time for all of us to face the fact that Italy is no longer worthy of a Six Nations position.